Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch for in 2022

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Today, smartphones have become an indispensable part of human life. Whether someone is looking for food, navigation, news, music, sports or anything, everything is just a click away. Therefore, more than 4 billion people worldwide use handheld devices to access their needs. There is no harm to say smartphones are becoming man’s best companion than a dog.

With the emerging demand for smartphones, one cannot deny the rising trend of mobile applications. As per Statista’s report published on July 7, 2021, “In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising.” Hence, it’s an excellent opportunity for every business to flourish their business via mobile app development. Before knowing about mobile apps, you must be aware of the latest trends in the mobile application industry that can keep your business on top results.

To know more about upcoming trends in mobile app development, let’s know which way the wind is blowing:

1. 5G Technology

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5G technology is designed to connect everything virtually, including machines, objects and devices. It will change the way of mobile apps and developments that we never thought about. 5G mobile apps development is also compared with the fourth Industrial Revolution.

When talking about 5G speed and interconnectivity, open signal reports of 5G trials reveal 1.6 and 15.7 times faster than 4G. Besides that, extremely low latency, massive network capacity, more reliability, increased availability and Gbps peak data speeds are some of the key features of 5G. If you are in the gaming industry, you can leverage the 5G technology for the fastest functionality and better user experience.

2. Voice technology

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When voice technology came into the market, people considered it as a fun gimmick. Today, the scenario has been changed, and voice technology is lying on the top trends in the mobile application and IoT industry. WHY?

Voice search assists the shoppers to shop for smartphone speakers rather than struggling with typing while shopping. People also appreciate a more quick and hand-free way to get solutions. Therefore, in 2021 or beyond, mobile apps with predictive learning and voice recognition will become paramount to customer conversion and retention.

Another rising trend in mobile apps development is the use of voice shopping consultants. Shoppers want suggestions on nearby marketplaces, items, question answers, discounts and more. They can all get knowledge through voice solution apps.

3. App Clips & Instant apps

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When it’s about achieving the user’s attention or interest via apps, it seems pretty hard. The most daunting task is to motivate the target audience to install and use apps for a longer time. But, Thanks to technology that makes instant apps easier for customers and companies to download and use.

These apps provide an opportunity to try these apps before installing them on your smartphone. Best of all, instant apps are easy to install from social media or website posts and consume minimum space and data in a user’s mobile phone.

Nowadays, NY Times, BuzzFeed, Skyscanner, Onefootball and Red Bull TV are the biggest examples and winning the race of mobile apps.

4. Foldable devices

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Tech-savvies leave no stone unturned to enjoy the latest technology, especially when it comes to foldable devices. The main idea behind the usage of foldable devices is that the screen can be used from phone screen to midsize tablet. Hence, industry giants like Samsung, Motorola, LG, and others are bringing more compact models to the market.

Therefore, emerging technology also brings significant challenges for mobile app developers. They have to work for app developments that can fit every screen without harming the user’s experience, including folding devices.

5. M Commerce

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With the outbreak of a pandemic, the E-commerce business is rising like never before. People shifted the trend from paying through plastic cards to mobile wallets. Sadly, this is not enough for current users. But they want many other facilities such as comparison shopping, paying bills, getting reminders etc. that creates a great challenge for developers and sets another benchmark in the app industry.

A survey report shows 85% of consumers use mobile apps rather than shopping from web pages. 61% of people compare prices before shopping, 63% of shoppers try coupons and 56% check inventory in stores. These figures are great to define the latest trend of mobile apps and motivate you to work for your business website.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Presently, most apps are incorporated with AI elements such as chatbots and personalizing customers’ details. This information assists the companies in knowing more about customers and how they can serve them better with expected trends. For instance, McDonald’s franchises around the globe and dealing with big data. Here AI assists McDonald’s app in personalizing the drive-thru menu based on customer, location, time of the day, and weather.

Not only this, AI is spreading its roots in the healthcare industry too. You can observe the use of telemedicine during COVID-19 and serve contact-less treatment for specific ailments. Beyond 2021, people are expecting AI in foldable phones and wearable devices.

7. Mobile-first leisure

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Before the pandemic, data revealed that people spent 3 hours daily using mobile phones. In 2021, the time limit will reach more than 4 hours. These times have been calculated just for leisure rather than their browsing time for anything. The COVID-19 is still spreading with wave-3 in most parts of the world, and people have mobile apps as their first source of leisure.

The best thing is, they will not give up this trend sooner. But, your business can take advantage of mobile-first leisure trends and develop apps for target customers.

8. Blockchain

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Undoubtedly, blockchain is one of the secured means of data safety. Whether it is a record of transactions such as cryptocurrency or storing vaccine information, blockchain plays a crucial role in data safety and security.

If we consider blockchain usage in health, two hospitals in London set the ultimate example to store and monitor vaccine records. This move not only secures data but also boosts vaccine distribution speed. Banking and other financial instruction are the largest blockchain users, i.e. 29.9% of the market value.

9. Cross-Platform Apps

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Four years ago, there were more than 24 thousand Android phone models, and each varies from version and hardware specs. You can also add various models of iPhones to this figure. To meet all mobile app requirements, developers had to write different codes, and it really became a hectic job for developers. But, thanks to a cross-platform framework that can eliminate this trouble.

A cross-platform allows the developer to work for two major operating systems simultaneously. It serves the advantages of consistency of UI, code reusability, reduces cost and time with technical errors. Beyond 2021, it becomes imperative for developers to work on cross platforms and create apps for different platforms, such as Windows OS, Andriod.

Bottom Line

The trends in technology reflect what the customers want to see in particular software. And it helps the companies to formulate future strategies such as market predictions and providing better services. So, if you want your business to be a top performer in the leading industry, do not forget to know the latest trends in the mobile application industry. These assist you in creating powerful mobile applications and stay away from competitors.



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